The Cooker All in One Kitchen Appliance – Nu Oven

The Nu Oven is a countertop infrared oven appliance that can cook food considerably faster than a conventional oven.  How does it do that you might ask?  Well it uses the power of Convection and Conduction to cook food up to 3 times faster.  The best part, it turns out considerably better than if cooked in a microwave in about half the time!

I can bet that if you bought one you would NOT use your microwave ever again, I know I don’t.  Imagine putting fries, left over fried chicken, beef brisket, frozen food like shrimp, salmon right into the Nu Oven and having it turn out just like if professionally prepared for the first time by a master chef in half the time.

Do yourself a favor, stop cooking your food in a microwave!

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